Joshua Cheng is an immigration attorney in the DC area with three decades of legal experience. Attorney Cheng is the founder of J. Cheng Law Office, PLLC, a law firm focused on corporate and individual immigration matters and serving clients from all states of the U.S.

Attorney Cheng’s primary areas of practice include H-1B, L-1, P-1, EB-1, PERM, EB-5, family-based immigration, and nationalization. He has successfully helped many companies and individuals with immigration cases. He understands the nuances that typify immigration law, from statutes to regulations to policy memorandums, as well as the actual adjudicatory practices of agency officials.

Prior to his work in the United States, Attorney Cheng practiced international law in China. He received his Bachelor of Laws Degree from Peking University and his Master of Laws Degree from the University of Virginia. Attorney Cheng is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and a member of the New York State Bar and DC Bar. He speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.


程律师是华盛顿特区的一位移民律师,拥有三十年的法律经验。程律师是J. Cheng Law Office, PLLC律师事务所的创始人,该律所专注于企业和个人移民事务,服务来自美国各州的客户。